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Cranial Osteopathy beyond the head.

Cranial osteopathy is branch of osteopathy, it uses refined and subtle manual techniques to encourage the body to release stresses not only in the head but anywhere in the body.
During assessment the osteopath will check if there are restrictions of the involuntary rhytms in the body. The subtle techniques identifies restrictions within the central nervous system, and encourage normal movement in the involuntary , as well as in the mechanics of the joints of the body including the skull.
The skull is made of 26 bones wich are interlinked to express rhythmical cycles of involuntary motion. Impacts in the head or any part of the spine can block and restrict this gentle movements.

Lack of motion, may cause a variety of problems not only in the head but elsewhere in the body.
A cranial osteopath, is trained to feel this involuntary motion in the tissues, and accordingly apply techniques to help the body to correct from within.

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