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21 April 2014
Osteopathy for children #01


Most children respond well to osteopathic treatment. Treatment techniques are different to those applied to adults, and are based upon the timeless wisdom of the old masters.

The paediatric osteopath is trained to develop fine palpatory skills, to help in assessing and diagnosing the areas related to the presenting problem, and accordingly treat to improve function so that the child can achieve his/her maximum potential.

Osteopathic treatment for children is carried out by applying gentle pressure over the areas related to the problem.

Then most common conditions to help children are.

1. Possetting or regurgitation

2. Grumpy and tense children

3. Difficult birth

4. Forceps or ventouse used during delivery

5. Unsettled restless babies, with no established sleeping patterns.

6. Teething discomfort

7. Odd head shapes

8. Delayed progress e.g. not crawling or walking at the expected age.

9. Respiratory problems linked to asthma, the chest and neck muscles may be tense.

10.Aches and pains associated with growing.

11. Sports injuries, like young ballet dancing, gymnastics, running etc.

First session one hour 43.00
Follow up sessions last 45 minutes 40.00

The paediatric osteopath is Mrs Salome Olivia, qualified in 1993, registered with the General Osteopathic Council, The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy, and The British Osteopathic Association.

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