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Colon hydrotherapy, otherwise known as colonic irrigation, is the therapeutic use of warm filtered water, delivered through a tube to cleanse the whole length of the large intestine or colon.

At Natural Solutions we use the Dotolo Therapy System. It will cleanse the entire colon using filtered water, and without the use of drugs or chemicals. The device is a 'closed system' which affords a comfortable procedure whilst maintaining the dignity of the patient. There is no open evacuation or offensive odours. The Dotolo System is therapist assisted for effectiveness, comfort and most importantly, safety.

The device is equipped with a built-in water treatment system. The patented three stage system will remove particulate matter, reduce the amount of chloride, and with the use of ultra violet light, destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that may be in the water. For added safety, a preheater tank has been installed.

For hygienic reasons, we only use only disposable packs for colon hydrotherapy. The en suite toilet, wash hand basin, door handles, machine and treatment couch are disinfected after each colonic.

For most clients, having a colonic can be very relaxing. However, some sensitive clients may feel a mild cramping, usually towards the end of the colonic. To minimise this, the therapist will ask for feedback at regular intervals. Herbs can be added to the water to relieve spasm, for instance, chamomile, or fennel are well known to ease cramps. Part of the colonic includes gently massaging the abdomen to help loosen faecal matter.

The following conditions may benefit from colonic irrigation. If in doubt about the suitability of having colon hydrotherapy, please consult your family doctor.

1. Abdominal bloating
2. Constipation or irregular bowel movements
3. Bad breath.
4. Flatulence.
5. To enhance cleansing diets
6. Before surgery,
7. Itching
8. Dysbiosis
9. Overuse of laxatives
10. Irregular bowel movements
11. For general well-being

Before a colonic hydrotherapy session, there is consultation with the therapist, to assess suitability. This is because it is necessary to know about your present and past health history, surgical or other medical interventions, as well as any medications taken. The colonic will proceed only if there are no contraindications.

The design of the speculum allows for the attachment of a water line and waste line. The water line transports water into the rectum and colon. The waste line allows for the drainage of discharging waste directly into the sewer. Discharging waste can be viewed through the waste line and also through a viewing window in the machine.

The session ends after 45 minutes, or when the water runs clear. The speculum is then removed and the client advised to spend some time in the toilet to expel any water left in the colon.

For health maintenance, a single colonic might not be enough. Three colonic sessions would sometimes make a lot of difference to the client's general well-being.

Those with chronic conditions may need more frequent colonics until regularity is achieved. Based on experience, the therapist will advise on what to do next. Sometimes the slightest diet change can improve regularity.

Probiotics and herbal implants may be administered during the colonic. The implants help in cases of candida or dysbiosis and inflammation.

Enema herbs are of great help when there is excessive flatulence, cramps, and reduced peristalsis.

Coffee enemas are also administered, usually during a follow up session


Severe Cardiac Disease (Uncontrolled Hypertension or Congestive Heart Failure)
Severe Anaemias
Any bleeding of the gut
Severe Haemorrhoids
Cirrhosis of the liver
Carcinoma of Colon
Abdominal Hernia
Recent Colon Surgery
Renal Insufficiency
Weak constitution
Inflammation of the gut

The therapist:

The therapist Laval Olivia is registered with RICTAT (The International Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers), which represents the best of colon hydrotherapy profession in the UK and Ireland. Its members - integrative colon therapists and colonic irrigation clinics offer professional colon hydrotherapy and related services. Their standards imposed by rigorous self-regulation are often above those set out by many other professional associations. They work in close contact with other health professionals and ensure the best treatments in the UK and Ireland.





£150.00 for 3 colonics to be taken within 1 month. Standard fee £60. For a deep cleanse 3 treatments can enhance the elimination of waste. works better incorporating juicing at home, and coffee enemas with the colonics. For best results the colonics to be taken within 1 month. A £20 deposit is required to secure your colonic appointment. This will be charged to your card when you telephone and will be deducted from the final bill. We need 24 hours notice of cancellation or appointment change, otherwise the fee will be forfeited.

Telephone: 0208 684 3888
Mobile 079 664 537 96

International Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers:

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